Time Saving Insights in Philanthropy and Career Development.

Pursuing the Ultimate Gift

His flexibility, focus, and persistence as a fundraiser recently brought Penn’s Law School a record-breaking $125 million gift.

Inviting the Right People Into the Kitchen

The people you invite into your kitchen are those you know well – people who feel almost like family. They are the people who know you and whom you trust. In the end, “the kitchen” of a nonprofit …

5 Tips for Negotiating What You’re Worth

You just nailed the final interview for a major gifts officer position at the nonprofit of your dreams. There’s just one problem: the salary you’ve just been offered is below what you expected or feel is commensurate with your level of experience. What now?

Stargazing Squatters

Almost every charity of significance seems to have at least one really powerful or pseudo-powerful individual who owns “the list” of megawatt donors. And no one else at the organization is allowed to call on these major donors…

Personal Development

14 Ways to Supercharge Your Career in One Weekend

Take this weekend to begin supercharging your career. Here are 14 simple things you can do. Serious!

Learn to work harder on yourself than on your job. ~ Jim Rohn

Personal Development

The Link Between Diet and Stress​

No matter which way you look at it, stress and food are related. Dealing with stress is easier than you think.

By the Numbers

Consider the recruitment opportunities for your organization that these stats indicate:

  • About 63 million Americans (25% of the adult population) volunteer their time, talents, and energy to making a difference.
  • These people spend an average of 52 hours/year volunteering.
  • 72% of volunteers are involved with only one organization, while 18.3% are involved with two.

Random interesting stats presented monthly from various sources.